Enabling Easy Transition to the Esri Utility Network

By Ravi Nishesh Srivastava, Published on: 20th April 2021

ArcGIS Utility Network is one of the most significant developments in the GIS utility industry over the last decade. This change has revolutionized the role that GIS plays in an organizations enterprise landscape by enabling operational integrations, such as ADMS or Outage Management. To reap these valuable benefits, a utility has to migrate the model and be ready to leverage it.

Traditionally, most of the utilities have been maintaining their utility-specific data in Geometric Network (GN). With the advent of new technology bringing in the Utility Network (UN), it becomes essential to migrate and manage the existing Geometric Network data.

Supporting the Utility Network (UN)

Utility Network provides a new foundation for Utility GIS solutions so that systems, processes, and users can share the critical data more efficiently. UN follows a modern web GIS Architecture to make utility data more efficient in terms of operations and implementation within the Enterprise GIS.

With multiple years of data conversion and migration experience, RMSI has launched it’s Utility Network Digital Transformation (UNDT) solution; a streamlined workflow process for taking data from a Geometric Network to the Utility Network.

The solution is a multistep process for assessing a utility’s ability to migrate, completing the necessary reparations, migrating the data and deploying business solutions and integration.

With the main focus of data usability, integrity and configurability, RMSI has achieved a milestone in designing a migration process that would migrate an organization’s Geometric Network data into the Utility Network by utilizing configuration/rules. This would allow utilities to leverage advanced connectivity (now or in the future), while not requiring all aspects of granular connectivity to allow the network to function.

UNDT primarily serves the Electricity and Gas Network domain and is highly scalable to meet sector demands for Water, Waste Water, and Telecom. The key highlights of RMSI UNDTTM include,

  • Structured work flow process with in-built validations at all stages
  • Customizable and configurable ETL Scripts and automations
  • Data migration quality reports to assess the quality of the migrated data output
  • Migration time window, incremental data migration
  • Zero data loss and 100% database integrity

Partnering with Esri UK to Power the Utility Network

RMSI has recently partnered with Esri UK to offer implementation services for Esri UK’s custom application ‘Utility Network Editor (UNE)’. UNE is a lightweight web app with smart editing functionality. This is designed for utility professionals to view, edit and manage the real-time digital twin of any high fidelity Electrical, Water, or Gas Network, anywhere, at any given time.

This partnership is intended to support utility organizations to implement Utility Networks in a multi-user-editable environment. This works in real-time where various traces can be executed and specific information like outage, fault, and delays can be shared with users in real-time.

The composite offering of UNDT and UNE is intended to support a variety of scenarios where there is a specific use case to perform data migration and provide data editing abilities to users from a web browser. The overall offering also includes the required business system integrations and optimization of the organization’s process workflows by utilizing RMSI’s core capabilities in the domain.

RMSI offerings for the Utility Network Management

  • Consultancy: Professional services to develop a business case & road map for the UN Data Management
  • Data Readiness Assessment: Data Model/Quality Assessment & Remediation for existing Geometric Network
  • Data Migration: Automated migration from the Geometric to the Utility Network
  • Twin Program: Synchronizing changes between the Utility and Geometric Networks
  • UNE Implementation: Configuration of UNE for UN data editing and analysis for enterprises
  • Integrations: Business system integrations to enhance efficiencies in the existing processes

With this joint offering, RMSI aims to provide comprehensive services to utilities for UN data management covering data migration, editing, analysis and network planning, etc. This offering has wide possibilities to integrate different business systems of utilities for effective decision making and to achieve operational efficiencies.

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