Gratitude: Giving Thanks in Business and Life

By Swati Kapur, Published on: 30th December 2021

For many, as we enter the holiday season, there is a universal sentiment of reminiscing the year gone by and expressing gratitude as we have navigated a pandemic together.

As we near the end of the second year of living through a pandemic, 2021 has shown us that simple things like spending time with family enrich our lives the most. The pandemic had a lasting impact on companies worldwide. People were battling fears about the situation and juggling home and work in close proximity. There were days of distress, anxiety, fatigue, and sadness due to workplace closures, layoffs, and a steep rise in unemployment.

With less commuting, fewer physical meetings, occasional lunches with colleagues, and fewer people coming in and out of the office, making us also more appreciative of the importance of our social life at work.

Today majority of us have realized what’s paramount – emotional well-being, healthy living, and relationships. We are grateful for the kindness, humanity, laughter, joy, and happiness every day in a manner big and small. It is a time of reflection on self and generosity, openness to giving and receiving and being thankful for what we have. Here are a few ways to help create the time and space needed to nurture a culture of gratitude in the workplace:

Write a Thank-You Note

Small gestures like expressing gratitude can help you feel more connected to other team members, significantly impacting our well-being. When teams are working in-house and now distributed, it’s crucial to find ways to connect with them and let people know that they are valued. A personalized note or an email with a well-thought-out message that expresses your thanks can go a long way towards showing appreciation.

Shining a spotlight on the unseen

During these times, everyone is going above and beyond. We sometimes forget to appreciate those who do less than glamourous work. Celebrate the unsung heroes for the tasks they perform that may seem ordinary activity but takes extraordinary effort. Feature them prominently in companywide communications and bring new dimensions to workplace gratitude.

Gratitude isn’t one-size-fits-all

It’s essential to bring diversity to the workplace and create an environment where people feel valued as we’re all different. Organizations introduce gratitude practice, acknowledging everyone in the same way.

Some initiatives fail to recognize that appreciation is about people and their value. Each individual’s preference is different, and we risk miscommunication if we assume everyone likes to be appreciated by a card, a coffee, or public praise.

Encourage gratitude for self

All these years, “self-care” has been on the backburner, and we all make New Year resolutions to stay healthy and devote time for ourselves. It can be as simple as taking out 30 minutes to yourself each day, sipping a cup of coffee, with no distractions. Journaling is another way to energize your day, focus on the positive energy, relive your favorite experiences, and take yourself one step closer to staying upbeat. You deserve this pampering and be grateful for later on.

With 2021 coming to an end, a year interrupted and disrupted, and where we found renewed strength in our connections. Here’s to new beginnings and inviting positive energy into our lives in the New Year.

Our team has achieved a lot; thanks to each of you for reading and supporting The RMSI Blog.

We wish you a great holiday season! Wishing you all a successful and blessed 2022.

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